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Regalecus russellii (Cuvier 1816)
Animalia Chordata Craniata Gnathostomata Actinopterygii Neopterygii Lampriomorpha Lampriformes Regalecidae Regalecus russellii
Identified by Tyson R. Roberts on 2012-10-02
Nature of ID: expert ID
Remarks: ID from Roberts 2012
Regalecus glesne
Animalia Chordata Craniata Paracanthopterygii p. 231 Gnathostomata Actinopterygii Neopterygii Lampriomorpha Lampriformes Regalecidae Regalecus glesne
Identified by Karsten E. Hartel
Nature of ID: migration
Remarks: [MUSE DETERMINER: Hartel_KE/1991]
Roberts 2012, Voucher of Regalecus russellii
Atlantic Ocean
Continent/Ocean: Atlantic Ocean
Specific Locality: [VERBATIM DEPTH:~100 m]
Locality Remarks: JEC = J. E. Craddock
General Habitat: [SALINITY: M]
Collecting Method: 10 m2 RMT
Collecting Source: wild caught
Depth: 0 to 100 m
Coordinates: 6° 11´ N 37° 1´ W (unknown) , Error: 115 km
[no agent data]; 2010-03-19; unknown
Coordinate Remarks: Lat. seconds and Long. seconds blank in MUSE (Fish). Set to 30, Maximum Error set to 115 km. in MCZbase
Collecting Date: 20/3/1977-20/3/1977 (1977-03-20)
Collecting Time: 2310-0110
Ich. Field Number: JEC7731
Collecting Event Remarks: [TIME: 2310-0110]
James E. Craddock
RV Oceanus 022
field number: JEC7731
group number: 394
Part Name Condition Disposition # Remarks
whole animal (alcohol) unchecked in collection 2
standard length: 94-106 mm ,
  [no agent data], 2010-03-19, muse migration
age class: larval
  [no agent data]
age class: adult
  [no agent data]
Remarks: Digital xray available
lateral xray

image (image/jpeg)
Media Details
lateral xray


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