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Taxonomy Searches

  • If you searched by taxonomy, consult the MCZbase Taxonomy. Taxa are often synonymized and revised and may not be consistent across collections. Previous Identifications, which are separate from the taxonomy used in Identifications, may be located using the scientific name "is/was/cited/related" option.

Geography Searches

  • Try broadening your search criteria. Try the next-higher geographic element, remove search parameters, or use a substring match. Don't assume we've accurately or predictably recorded data.
  • Not all specimens have coordinates - the spatial query tool will not locate all specimens.

Unexpected results

Please note that not 100% of the MCZ collections have been fully databased. If you believe there may be material in the collections that satisfies your search criteria or are simply not getting the expected results, please feel free to contact the relevant department or departments. Emails are linked below:

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