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Catalog # Identified As Country State Specific Locality Verbatim Date Parts Sex 
MCZ Mala 22830
Vertigo Philippines    I. Danao Merizo, Marianas  [no verbatim date data]  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 22831
Vertigo Philippines    Penon de Bintuan, Busuanga  [no verbatim date data]  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 22832
Vertigo Philippines    Montalvan  [no verbatim date data]  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 22843
Vertigo Philippines    Mte Finacanaty Anau, N. de Marianas  [no verbatim date data]  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 31129
Vertigo Canada    Edmonton  17/Aug/1914  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 361691
Vertigo sp. Canada  Ontario  below Scuttle Hole, Moira River  11/May/1939  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 36756
Vertigo Fiji  Eastern Division  Mbavatu  [no verbatim date data]  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 394440
Vertigo Northern Mariana Islands    Hill near road 1100 yards bearing 83° from Maniagassa Island and 352° from Kagman Point  1945-04-04  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 394479
Vertigo Northern Mariana Islands    Northern Saipan Island, Japanese Shrine 232°, 2900 yards from Isleta’n Maigo Fahang and 198° from Marpi Point  1945-04-16  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 394491
Vertigo Northern Mariana Islands    North end Saipan, Marpi Cliffs  1948-03-04  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 394494
Vertigo Northern Mariana Islands    North end Saipan, Marpi Cliffs  1948-0-304  shell (dry)   
MCZ Mala 44532
Vertigo sp. South Korea  North Chungcheong  Cheongju  [no verbatim date data]  shell (dry)   
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