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Catalog # Identified As Country State Specific Locality Verbatim Date Parts Sex 
MCZ Orn 100202
Pipilo erythrophthalmus alleni United States  Florida  Cedar Key  Feb 9 1874  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 13901
Dumetella carolinensis United States  Florida  no specific locality  no verbatim date  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 14048
Colaptes auratus United States  Florida  Miami  Mar. 20. 1871  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 187347
Sphyrapicus varius varius United States  Massachusetts  near Cambridge  5/5/1877  skin (dry)
skin (mounted) 
MCZ Orn 189056
Vireo solitarius alticola United States  Florida  Rosewood  22/11/1893  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 200225
Rallus limicola United States  Massachusetts  Concord  May 6, 1873  skin (mounted)  male  
MCZ Orn 200238
Charadrius vociferus United States  Massachusetts  Newton  Apl. 7, 1873  skin (mounted)  male  
MCZ Orn 200330
Botaurus lentiginosus United States  Massachusetts  Ipswich  May 7, 1873  skin (mounted)  female  
MCZ Orn 201084
Dolichonyx oryzivorus United States  Massachusetts  Ipswich  May 29, 1872  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 201147
Icterus spurius United States  Massachusetts  Ipswich  1887  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 201606
Falco sparverius United States  Florida  Miami  Dec. 7, 1871  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 201607
Falco sparverius United States  Florida  Miami  Feb. 28, 1872  whole animal (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 201824
Buteo lineatus United States  Florida  Miami  Jan. 9, 1871  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 202381
Geothlypis trichas United States  Florida  Ormond Beach, Dummett Plantation  Feb 17 1869  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 203110
Pipilo erythrophthalmus alleni United States  Florida  Dummitt's  18 Apr 187-  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 204119
Anhinga anhinga United States  Florida  Blue Spring  March 12, 1872  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 204247
Thalasseus sandvicensis United States  Florida  Miami  1871  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 204254
Chlidonias nigra United States  Massachusetts  Ipswich  Aug. 20 1876  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 204312
Thalasseus maximus United States  Florida  Miami  March 15 1871  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 204463
Polioptila caerulea United States  Florida  Blue Spring  Feb 1872  skin (dry)  male  
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