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Catalog # Identified As Country State Specific Locality Verbatim Date Parts Sex 
MCZ Orn 100490
Anas rubripes United States  Massachusetts  Barnstable  30/12/1887  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 101048
Aythya americana United States  North Dakota  Harrisburg  27/9/1899  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 101368
Anas americana United States  Massachusetts  Wayland  18/9/0  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 101429
Anas rubripes United States  Massachusetts  Chatham  23/3/1892  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 101430
Anas rubripes United States  Massachusetts  Wayland  30/3/1892  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 101439
Mergus cucullatus United States  South Carolina  Mount Pleasant  26/12/1902  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 101472
Mergus serrator United States  Massachusetts  Wareham  10/4/1893  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 101473
Aythya marila United States  Massachusetts  Chatham  18/3/1893  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 102149
Anas crecca United States  Massachusetts  Waltham  2/11/1878  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 104676
Aythya affinis Canada  British Columbia  Cariboo  20/7/1901  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 110722
Anas acuta United States  South Dakota  Harrison  5/5/1890  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 110723
Anas clypeata United States  South Dakota  Harrison  5/3/1890  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 110742
Oxyura jamaicensis United States  Massachusetts  Arlington  13/10/1879  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 110748
Anas clypeata United States    [no specific locality data]  21/2/1878  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 110749
Anas americana     [no specific locality data]  22/10/1878  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 110761
Histrionicus histrionicus United States  Maine  Bangor  24/2/1885  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 110762
Clangula hyemalis United States  Maine  Old Orchard Beach  23/5/1879  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 110763
Clangula hyemalis United States  Maine  Old Orchard Beach  15/5/1893  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 110764
Clangula hyemalis United States  Massachusetts  Wareham  8/4/1883  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 110768
Bucephala clangula United States  Massachusetts  Charles River, Boston  6/1/1879  skin (dry)  male  
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