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Catalog # Identified As Country State Specific Locality Verbatim Date Parts Sex 
MCZ Ich 153226
Schedophilus medusophagus     [coordinate data only]  5/6/1986-5/6/1986  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 170491
Hyperoglyphe United States  Massachusetts  Vineyard Sound  July70  otolith (dry)   
MCZ Ich 55145
Schedophilus medusophagus     [no specific locality data]  24/6/1969-24/6/1969  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 60816
Hyperoglyphe perciformis     Center of warm-core ring 82B  30/4/1982-30/4/1982  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 62237
Hyperoglyphe perciformis United States    Center of warm-core Gulf Stream ring 82B  24/6/1982-24/6/1982  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 79259
Schedophilus     [coordinate data only]  23/6/1969-23/6/1969  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 79272
Hyperoglyphe sp. United States    [coordinate data only]  19/4/1982-19/4/1982  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 79273
Hyperoglyphe sp.     [coordinate data only]  21/4/1982-21/4/1982  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 79274
Hyperoglyphe sp. United States    Edge of warm-core ring 82B  24/4/1982-24/4/1982  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 79275
Hyperoglyphe sp. United States    Edge of warm-core ring 82B  26/4/1982-26/4/1982  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Ich 81730
Hyperoglyphe sp. United States    Florida Current - Cape Hatteras Section  21/2/1979-21/2/1979  whole animal (alcohol)   
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