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Catalog # Identified As Country State Specific Locality Verbatim Date Parts Sex 
MCZ Orn 108036
Myiobius barbatus aureatus Panama  Chiriqui Province  Divala  21/11/1900  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 108627
Troglodytes solstitialis ligea Panama    Boquette  2/3/1901  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 109564
Myioborus miniatus aurantiacus Panama  Chiriqui Province  Boquete  17/1/1901  skin (dry)  female  
MCZ Orn 116581
Trogon aurantiiventris underwoodi Costa Rica    Miravalles  28/10/1895  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 117089
Pachyramphus versicolor costaricensis Costa Rica    Irazu  6/9/1898  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 117445
Ramphocelus sanguinolentus apricus Costa Rica  San José  Carrillo  11/11/1897  skin (dry)  male  
MCZ Orn 118590
Emberizoides herbicola lucaris Costa Rica  Puntarenas  Boruca  5/5/1906  skin (dry)  male  
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