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Catalog # Identified As Country State Specific Locality Verbatim Date Parts Sex 
MCZ Mamm 10721
Vulpes macrotis neo-mexicanus United States  Texas  El Paso  20//1903  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm 20077
Vulpes chama     Southwest Africa, Kolmanskop  [no verbatim date data]  skull (dry)   
MCZ Ich 29137
Albula vulpes Commonwealth of the Bahamas    New Providence, Nassau  [no verbatim date data]  mounted whole animal (dry)   
MCZ Ich 31196
Albula vulpes United States  Hawaii  Maui  [no verbatim date data]  whole animal (alcohol)   
MCZ Mamm 31933
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Canada  New Brunswick  Stewartbrook Lake  1931  skull (dry)  female  
MCZ Ich 35937
Pimelodus vulpes United States  Texas  Rio Leona at Neuces  1851-1851  whole animal (70% ethanol)
tissue (95% ethanol) 
MCZ Mamm 37021
Vulpes chama South Africa    Lambert's Bay, Compagnies Drift  17//1938  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm 38088
Vulpes ferrilata China  Sichuan  Yulung, Camp 147  9/1935  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm 38619
Vulpes macrotis tenuirostris Mexico  Baja California Norte  Lower California, Trinidad Valley, north west base of San Pedro Martir Mountains  Migrated as 02-Jul-1905  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm 38620
Vulpes macrotis nevadensis United States  Utah  Low  Migrated as 14-Dec-1915  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm 38623
Vulpes macrotis mutica United States  California  Alila  Migrated as 02-Nov-1902  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm 42388
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Canada  Quebec  Indian House Lake  Migrated as 27-Feb-1945  skull (dry)  female  
MCZ Mamm 42508
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Canada  Quebec  Lake Merry  14/01/1946  skull (dry)  male  
MCZ Mamm 47485
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Canada  Quebec  Seven Islands  25 May 1952  skull (dry)
skin (dry)
other (unknown) 
MCZ Mamm 52831
Vulpes vulpes fulva United States  New York  near Poughkeepsie  7 Dec. 1946  skull (dry)  male  
MCZ Mamm 52832
Vulpes fulva rubricosa United States  Maine  near Chamberlain Lake  Nov. 1948  skull (dry)  male  
MCZ Mamm 60057
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa United States  Maine  Oxbow  [no verbatim date data]  skeleton (dry)  male  
MCZ Mamm 61872
Vulpes vulpes fulva United States  Massachusetts  Fitchburg, Rindge Road SR 31  Migrated as 10-Mar-1995  skull (dry)
skin (dry)
skin (dry)
skeleton (dry) 
MCZ Mamm BANGS-1178
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Canada  Newfoundland and Labrador  Codroy  Migrated as 09-Jun-1894  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
MCZ Mamm BANGS-1991
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Canada  Nova Scotia  Annapolis  Migrated as 05-Dec-1894  skull (dry)
skin (dry) 
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