John A. Baker* (1947 - 2021-06-04) person

Freshwater fish ecologist and stickleback evolutionary biologist at Clark University. Donated extensive collection of Sticklebacks to MCZ. Married to Biologist Susan A. Foster. See: Ross, S. T., Heins, D. C., & Wund, M. A. (2021). In memoriam remembering John A. Baker (1947 –2021). Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 30, 551–553.

Names for this agent

  • John A. Baker
  • John A. Baker (preferred)
  • Baker, J. A. (author)
  • J. A. Baker (second author)

Collecting Event Map

  • Osteichthyes: Gasterosteidae (465 records) in years 1991-2003

  • Not a preparator of any material in MCZbase

  • None