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  • Herpetology A-103795 MCZ Herpetology
  • Triturus helveticus helveticus
  • whole animal (ethanol)
  • [no specific locality data]
  • [no higher geography data]
  • [no verbatim date data] (1700-01-01 - 1996-05-09)
Triturus helveticus helveticus
Animalia Chordata Amphibia Lissamphibia Caudata Salamandroidea Salamandridae Triturus helveticus helveticus
Identified by Catalog
Nature of ID: migration
Remarks: Catalog/1995
Locality and Collecting Event Details
Continent/Ocean: [no higher geography data]
Specific Locality: [no specific locality data]
Locality Remarks: Generic '[no specific locality data]' record. *PLEASE DO NOT EDIT*
Collecting Source: wild caught
Collecting Date: [no verbatim date data] (1700-01-01 - 1996-05-09)
Collecting Event Remarks: End of date collected range set to latest date of data entry for a cataloged item in this collecting event
muse location number: ZA103786
previous number: MCZ A-1232
Part Details
Part Name Condition Disposition # Remarks
whole animal (ethanol) unchecked unknown 1
Remarks: PREV #:duplicate of 1232
Media of type text, Herpetology A-103776;A-103777;A-103778;A-103779;A-103780;A-103781;A-103782;A-103783;A-103784;A-103785;A-103786;A-103787;A-103788;A-103789;A-103790;A-103791;A-103792;A-103793;A-103794;A-103795;A-103796;A-103797;A-103798;A-103799;A-103800. Description:MCZ Herpetology Amphibia 100001-105000, pg.152

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Media Details
MCZ Herpetology Amphibia 100001-105000, pg.152