MCZ Herpetology R-3416

Podocnemis expansa (Schweigger, 1812)

Date Collected:

[date unknown] prior to 1998-02-11

South America: Brazil: Amazonas | Villa Bella

Current Identification
Podocnemis expansa (Schweigger, 1812)
Animalia Chordata Reptilia Anapsida Testudinata Pleurodira Pelomedusoides Pelomedusidae
Common Name(s): Arrau; Giant Amazon River Turtle; Giant South American River Turtle; south american river turtle; tartaruga; true Amazon turtle
Determiner: Catalog
Nature of ID: migration
Remarks: Catalog/1998
Previous Identification
Animalia Chordata Reptilia Lepidosauromorpha Squamata Sauria Iguanidae
Determiner: [no agent data]
Nature of ID: migration

  • None

  • muse location number: ZR3416

Part Condition Disposition Count
whole animal (ethanol) unchecked unknown 1 History

  • None

  • None

  • 3 specimens noted in catalogue

  • None

  • Continent:
  • South America
  • Country:
  • Brazil
  • State/Province:
  • Amazonas
  • dwc:highergeographyID:
  • linked data icon
  • Specific Locality:
  • Villa Bella
  • Verbatim Locality:
  • Villa Bella
  • Locality Remarks:
  • Brazil:Amazonas current locality 'Rio Amazonas at Parintins and environs' from Higuchi, 1990
  • Georeference:
  • -5.7825000°, -65.910800° (Error radius: 7.365km) By: CAS (MCZ) on 2003-12-15 (Source: Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer)
  • Datum:
  • WGS84
  • Radial of Feature:
  • 4750 m
  • Coordinates Entered As:
  • decimal degrees
  • Collecting Source:
  • wild caught
  • Began Date / Ended Date:
  • 1700-01-01 / 1998-02-11
  • Verbatim Date:
  • [no verbatim date data]
  • Collecting Event Remarks:
  • End of date collected range set to latest date of data entry for a cataloged item in this collecting event
  • Collector:
  • Louis Agassizlinked data icon

  • None

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