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MCZ Invertebrate Zoology CRU-3390

Pacifastacus nigrescens (Stimpson, 1857)

Date Collected:


North America: United States: California | San Francisco

Current Identification
Pacifastacus nigrescens (Stimpson, 1857) linked data icon
Animalia Arthropoda Crustacea Malacostraca Decapoda Astacidea Astacidae
Determiner: [no agent data]
Nature of ID: revised taxonomy
Remarks: WoRMS March 2022
Previous Identification
Animalia Arthropoda Crustacea Malacostraca Decapoda Astacidea Astacidae
Determiner: Douglas G. Smith in 1905
Nature of ID: expert ID
Remarks: see RW Bouchard, 1978 for subgenus (PBenson March 2022)

  • None

Part Condition Disposition Count
whole animal (70% ethanol) good in collection 5 History (3)

Attribute Value Determination On
sex multiple [no agent data]
Remarks: males and females in ledger

  • "1 female out for St. Petersburg written in ledger" - Labels separated when loaned. Reunited April 1980 byC. Kessler. Specimens examined by D.Smith, 1982. 2 specimens and labels photographed by Steven Holt,, unable to find photographs, PBenson March 2022.

  • None

  • Continent:
  • North America
  • Country:
  • United States
  • State/Province:
  • California
  • dwc:highergeographyID:
  • linked data icon
  • Specific Locality:
  • San Francisco
  • Verbatim Locality:
  • USA, California, San Francisco
  • Georeference:
  • 37.7000000, -122.26700 (Error radius: Unknown) By: ehernand_lacm on 2014-03-05 (Source: unknown)
  • Datum:
  • WGS84
  • Coordinates Entered As:
  • decimal degrees
  • Collecting Source:
  • wild caught
  • Collected On:
  • 1873-10-25
  • Verbatim Date:
  • [no verbatim date data]
  • Collecting Event Remarks:
  • End of date collected range set to donation date
  • Collector:
  • Franz Steindachner

  • None

Media of type text, Invertebrate Zoology CRU-3376;CRU-3377;CRU-3378;CRU-3379;CRU-3380;CRU-3381;CRU-3382;CRU-3383;CRU-3384;CRU-3385;CRU-3386;CRU-3387;CRU-3388;CRU-3389;CRU-3390;CRU-3391;CRU-3392;CRU-3393;CRU-3394;CRU-3395;CRU-3396;CRU-3397;CRU-3398;CRU-3399;CRU-3400. Description:MCZ Invertebrate Zoology Crustacea 000001-005975, pg.138

(Media Record)(media file)

Ledger page for: Invertebrate Zoology Description: MCZ Invertebrate Zoology Crustacea 000001-005975, pg.138

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