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MCZ Invertebrate Zoology CRU-6141

Hemigrapsus oregonensis (Dana, 1851) cf.

Date Collected:


Pacific Ocean: Pacific, Eastern Central | United States, California, False Bay near San Diego

Current Identification
Hemigrapsus oregonensis (Dana, 1851) cf.
Animalia Arthropoda Crustacea Malacostraca Eumalacostraca Eucarida Decapoda Pleocyemata Brachyura Grapsoidea Varunidae Varuninae
Common Name(s): yellow shore crab
Determiner: [no agent data]
Nature of ID: migration
Remarks: n. sp. in ledger

  • None

  • None

Part Condition Disposition Count
whole animal (70% ethanol) unchecked missing 8 History

Attribute Value Determination On
sex male [no agent data]
Remarks: 7
sex female [no agent data]
Remarks: 1

  • None

  • Country not listed - [the ledger lists as Hemigraptus n. sp?, distribution of H. oregonensis not False Bay Straits of Magellan, possibly False Bay, California where Hassler voyaged, PB Feb 2014]

  • None

  • Ocean:
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Ocean Region:
  • Pacific, Eastern Central
  • dwc:highergeographyID:
  • linked data icon
  • Specific Locality:
  • United States, California, False Bay near San Diego
  • Verbatim Locality:
  • San Diego
  • Georeference:
  • 32.6500000, -117.13333 (Error radius: 647m) By: Penny Benson on 2014-03-19 (Source: GEOLocate)
  • Datum:
  • WGS84
  • Coordinates Entered As:
  • decimal degrees
  • Collecting Source:
  • wild caught
  • Collected On:
  • 1872-08-18
  • Verbatim Date:
  • August 18, 1872
  • Collector:
  • Hassler Expedition

  • None

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Ledger page for: Invertebrate Zoology Description: MCZ Invertebrate Zoology Crustacea 005976-011900, pg.7