MCZ Ichthyology S-557

Raja clavata Linnaeus, 1758

Date Collected:

[date unknown] prior to 1873-12-31

Atlantic Ocean: Mediterranean Sea: France | Nice

Current Identification
Raja clavata Linnaeus, 1758
Animalia Chordata Craniata Batomorphi Gnathostomata Chondrichthyes Elasmobranchii Rajiformes Rajidae
Common Name(s): Maiden ray; Rocker; Thornback; Thornback maid ray; Thornback ray; Thornback rough ray; Thornback skate; Thorny
Determiner: Ledger
Nature of ID: migration
Remarks: [MUSE DETERMINER: Ledger]

  • None

  • field number: TL:NICE
  • group number: 38
  • previous number: MCZ 557-S

Part Condition Disposition Count
whole animal (alcohol) unchecked in collection 2 History

Attribute Value Determination On
unspecified measurement 470-635 mm By: Karsten E. Hartel 2011-06-08

  • None

  • Storage per family tank list (IEB 1997).

  • None

  • Specific Locality:
  • Nice
  • Verbatim Locality:
  • Nice (received in 1873)
  • Habitat Description:
  • Georeference:
  • 43.6738020°, 7.26793100° (Error radius: 3185m) By: Katy Wichman on 2014-02-24 (Source: unknown)
  • Datum:
  • WGS84
  • Coordinates Entered As:
  • decimal degrees
  • Collecting Source:
  • wild caught
  • Began Date / Ended Date:
  • 1700-01-01 / 1873-12-31
  • Verbatim Date:
  • [no verbatim date data]
  • Ich. Field Number:
  • Collector:
  • Theodore Lyman IIIlinked data icon

  • None

Media type: text; Ichthyology S-566;  S-552;  S-554;  S-556;  S-558;  S-561;  S-563;  S-565;  S-567;  S-570;  S-572;  S-574;  S-551;  S-553;  S-555;  S-557;  S-559;  S-560;  S-562;  S-564;  S-568;  S-571;  S-573;  S-575;  S-569 Description: MCZ Ichthyology Sharks sh-000001, pg.23;

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