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Aequipecten muscosus (Wood, 1828)

This name is not allowed for current identifications/data entry in MCZbase.
Kingdom Phylum Class Subclass Order Superfamily Family Subfamily Genus Species Nomenclatural_Code
Animalia Mollusca Bivalvia Autobranchia Pectinida Pectinoidea Pectinidae Pectininae Aequipecten muscosus ICZN

Name Authority: WoRMS (World Register of Marine Species)


Remarks: Name not accepted in WoRMS. M. Merkel 2022-03

Occurs in marine habitats.

Common Name(s):

  • rough scallop

Related Publications:

  • No related publications recorded.

Cited MCZ Specimens:

  • No cited MCZ specimens.

Synonymns and other Related Names:


No MCZbase specimens identified as this taxon have images