Myotis australis (Dobson, 1878)

Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Nomenclatural_Code
Animalia Chordata Mammalia Chiroptera Vespertilionidae Myotis australis ICZN

Name Authority: Mammal Species of the World

Remarks: Wilson and Reeder (3rd ed): "Poorly known, the holotype and only certain specimen possibly being incorrectly labelled, or a vagrant individual of muricola (Husson, 1970). A specimen from NW Australia may belong in this species (Koopman, 1984c). Hill (1983) considered australis a subspecies of ater." Wikipedia: "This taxa may not represent a valid species. Only one specimen has ever been documented, supposedly from New South Wales. This specimen may have been mislabelled or a vagrant Myotis muricola or Myotis ater. [...] Due to concerns about the accuracy of Dobson's initial record, as well as the fact that the species has not been detected since, the Australian myotis is largely regarded as an erroneous record."

Common Name(s):

  • Australian Myotis

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