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Pipistrellus Kaup, 1829

Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Nomenclatural_Code
Animalia Chordata Mammalia Chiroptera Vespertilionidae Pipistrellus ICZN

Name Authority: Mammal Species of the World

Remarks: Wilson and Reeder (3rd ed) note: "Hill and Harrison (1987) reviewed the genus and recognized seven subgenera (Pipistrellus, Hypsugo, Falsistrellus, Perimyotis, Arielulus, Vespadelus, and Neoromicia), but most of these groups are now recognized as distinct genera. Does not include Hypsugo; see Horácek and Hanák (1985-1986), Tiunov (1986), Menu (1987), Ruedi and Arlettaz (1991), Volleth and Heller (1994), Volleth et al. (2001), and Mayer and von Helversen (2001a). Does not include Glischropus; see Corbet and Hill (1992), but also see Menu (1987). Does not include Scotozous; see Corbet and Hill (1992). Does not include Vespadelus; see Volleth and Tidemann (1991) and Volleth and Heller (1994). Does not include Falsistrellus; see Kitchener et al. (1986) and Volleth and Heller (1994). Does not include Arielulus; see Heller and Volleth (1984) and Volleth and Heller (1994), who transferred this subgenus to Eptesicus, and Csorba and Lee (1999), who subsequently argued that it should be recognized as a distinct genus. Does not include Neoromicia; see Volleth et al. (2001) and Kearney et al. (2002). Only Pipistrellus and Perimyotis are retained here as subgenera. American species reviewed by Hall and Dalquest (1950); Indomalayan species reviewed by Corbet and Hill (1992). Also see Peterson et al. (1995) and Barratt et al. (1995)." Of the genera mentioned above, MCZ recognizes Pipistrellus, Glischropus, and Eptesicus only.

Common Name(s):

  • pipistrelle bats
  • pipistrelles

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