Polypedates leucomystax (Gravenhorst, 1829)

Kingdom Phylum Class Subclass Order Suborder Family Genus Species Nomenclatural_Code
Animalia Chordata Amphibia Lissamphibia Anura Ranoidea Rhacophoridae Polypedates leucomystax ICZN

Name Authority: MCZ

Common Name(s):

  • Four-lined tree frog
  • White-lipped tree frog
  • common tree frog

Related Publications:

  • No related publications recorded.

Cited MCZ Specimens:

  • No cited MCZ specimens.

Synonymns and other Related Names:

  • No related names recorded.


Media type: 3D model; Herpetology A-107385   Description: CT scan of skeleton;
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Media type: image; Herpetology A-135392
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Media type: image; Herpetology A-135393
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