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MCZ Ornithology 12134

Dicaeum hirundinaceum

Date Collected:

[date unknown] prior to 2010-12-12

[no higher geography data]

Current Identification
Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Aves Neornithes Passeriformes Oscines Dicaeidae
Determiner: [no agent data]
Nature of ID: migration

  • None

  • None

Part Condition Disposition Count
skin (dry) unknown unknown 1 History (3)
Remarks: Record migrated to MCZbase with no parts

Attribute Value Determination On
sex unknown [no agent data], Method: migration 2010-12-12

  • None

  • rec'd 1869

  • None

  • Continent:
  • [no higher geography data]
  • Sovereign Nation:
  • [no sovereign nation data]
  • Locality Remarks:
  • "New Guinea"
  • Collecting Source:
  • unknown
  • Began Date / Ended Date:
  • 1700-01-01 / 2010-12-12
  • Verbatim Date:
  • [no verbatim date data]
  • Collecting Event Remarks:
  • End of date collected range set to latest date of data entry for a cataloged item in this collecting event
  • Collector:
  • [no agent data]

  • None

Media of type text, Ornithology 12126;12127;12128;12129;12131;12132;12133;12134;12135;12137;12138;12140;12141;12142;12143;12144;12145;12146;12147;12148;12149;12150. Description:MCZ Ornithology Birds 012001-018000, pg.6

(Media Record)(media file)

Ledger page for: Ornithology Description: MCZ Ornithology Birds 012001-018000, pg.6

  • [Masked]

  • None