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MCZ Special Collections 992

Lepus sp.

Date Collected:


[no higher geography data] | [no specific locality data]

Current Identification
Lepus Linnaeus, 1758 sp.
Animalia Chordata Mammalia Lagomorpha Leporidae
Common Name(s): hares; jack rabbits; jackrabbits
Determiner: [no agent data]
Nature of ID: legacy
Remarks: Verbatim ID: "rabbit"

Minot and Taylor 1905, page 14, Figured of Lepus cuniculus Linnaeus 1758 Trans., Table 12
Lewis 1906, page 510, Figured of Lepus Linnaeus, 1758 Fig. 1B; verbatim cited as: rabbit
Evans 1909, page 313, Figured of Lepus Linnaeus, 1758 (Fig 18-20?)

  • other number: 1798
  • previous number: HEC-556

Part Condition Disposition Count
histological serial section (histological slide) good on loan 2 History (4)
Remarks: Series A-B; slight blurring of text
section fixation=[no fixation data]  
section plane=transverse  
section stain=Borax carmine, Orange G  
section thickness=10 microns  

Attribute Value Determination On
age 11 days [no agent data]
specimen length 5 mm [no agent data]
stage description unknown [no agent data]

  • None

  • Drawing #556; Series A-B; slight blurring of text

  • None

  • Continent:
  • [no higher geography data]
  • Sovereign Nation:
  • [no sovereign nation data]
  • Specific Locality:
  • [no specific locality data]
  • Verbatim Locality:
  • [no verbatim locality data]
  • Locality Remarks:
  • Generic '[no specific locality data]' record. *PLEASE DO NOT EDIT*
  • Collecting Method:
  • unknown
  • Collecting Source:
  • unknown
  • Began Date / Ended Date:
  • 1902-09-01 / 1902-09-30
  • Verbatim Date:
  • Prepared:1902-IX
  • Collector:
  • None

Media type: text, Special Collections 992 Description: Specimen Card

(Media Record)(media file)

Ledger page for: MCZ:SC:992 Description: Specimen Card

  • [Masked]